ERP030 - Canadian Cannabis Industry w/ Dan Sutton

 Dan Sutton CEO of Tantalus Labs

Dan Sutton CEO of Tantalus Labs

Dan Sutton is a vocal leader in the BC cannabis industry. Dan started Tantalus Labs, a cannabis production company in 2012. Dan has been a strong supporter of greenhouse-based production of Cannabis. We talk about the social and financial impact of that approach. We also discuss the fast dissolving social and professional stigmas associated with cannabis. Canada is expected to federally legalize cannabis in 2018. The Canadian market alone is expected to be worth about seven billion. Dan and his team hope to position sun-grown BC bud as a market leader in the industry.

ERP029 - The Incredible Super Powers of Graphene


If you've never heard of Graphene, you can bet you'll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming years. Graphene is a material that quietly holds the keys to many of our next generation of technological advances. Filtering water at an atomic level, creating impossibly lightweight bulletproof material, building a quantum supercomputer, and powering nanobots. This little-known material called Graphene is central to a series of fascinating technical discoveries. Today I'm speaking with Dr. Joseph Meany. Dr. Meany is and his colleague, Les Johnson, have written a book about this amazing material.

Check out this amazing infographic that summarizes the highlights of Graphene. 

Graphene Infographic -

ERP028 - Kanban for Connectwise with Wim Kerkhoff


Anyone who has worked in software development or project management is familiar with a Kanban.

Kanban is a work management methodology where work is represented by cards or stickies that progress through stages in order to manage the flow of work through a system. This method was popularized out of the lean production system championed by Toyota. Today it's probably most recognized in the agile software development method.

Wim saw the power of this system when he used it in the software development side of his business. He wanted to carry the same principles to his other business, which is an IT managed service company. His team developed Kanaban for Connectwise to bring the power of lean and the kanban system to IT management.

Since Kanban for Connectwise is a visual tool, here are some links to give you a sense of what the system looks like.

Video – Visualizing ConnectWise Sales Pipeline using Kanban

Video – Huddle friendly Kanban interface

Website link:

The Books mentioned:

The Phoenix Project on Amazon

ERP027 - Offshore Support w/ James Vickery


James built an offshore support team to augment his MSP business. He found the offshore strategy enabled a scaling of his business that he otherwise never could have achieved. As more and more peers asked him how to do the same he recognized a business opportunity and Benchmark 365 was born. James and I discuss his journey, some of the common resistance points around offshoring and how his team integrates with existing MSP businesses.

ERP026 - Desktop as a Service (DaaS) with Ted Hulsy

 Chief Revenue Officer at Itopia - Ted Hulsy

Chief Revenue Officer at Itopia - Ted Hulsy

Ted is the Chief Revenue Officer at Itopia. Itopia's mission is to make it easy to migrate Windows workspace environments to the cloud. We talk about the evolution of Cloud computing, including Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and using the public cloud for rapidly deploying computing infrastructure. This is a rapidly growing solution in the IT industry enabling providers to spin up remote desktop environments in no time at all. Ted and I also talk about the competition between AWS, Azure, and Google in the public cloud arena.