ERP043 - Cyber Attacks on MSPs w/ Kyle Hanslovan

Kyle Hanslovan - CEO of Huntress Labs

Kyle Hanslovan - CEO of Huntress Labs

There has been a string of coordinated attacks on MSPs recently. Large players like WiPro, Fujitsu, and IBM. As well as a number of smaller regional MSPs. Kyle Hanslovan (@kylehanslovan) of Huntress Labs joins me on the podcast to give us his expert viewpoint on the risks these attacks pose and how IT service companies should be securing their environments to avoid being the next victim.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Huntress Labs Attack Debrief Webinar

ERP033 - Advanced Biometric Security w/ Ian Paterson

Ian Paterson CEO of Plurilock

Ian Paterson CEO of Plurilock

Today on Evolved Radio we're talking everyone's favorite IT topic lately. Security!

I'm joined by Ian Paterson CEO of Plurilock. His company has a really innovative approach to security. It's an advanced form of user identification that can tell who you are by how you type and move the mouse. We talk about why users hate passwords, security requirements for regulated industries, and much more.

To see a short video about Plurilock, you can check it out here.

ERP016 - Internet Security w/ Christopher Calvert

New threats are emerging on the internet. Just in recent months we have seen shockingly more mature attacks on the internet. State sponsored cyberwar tactics are being brought in to the public eye. Last month we saw one of the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded. So I wanted to chat with a friend of mine that has deep roots in the Internet Security industry and get his thoughts on the rapid evolution of the security industry.

ERP001 - Cyber Security w/ Arkinfosec

Interview with Lachlan Turner of Arkinfosec (@ArkInfosec). We discuss the current state of cybersecurity. What hack attacks look like and how the hacker conducts the attacks. How can people and businesses protect themselves? What does the future hold for cyber security?

Some portions of the audio have a slight echo. I'm quickly learning how to properly engineer the audio for future episodes.