ERP024 - Data Science w/ Alastair Woolcock


You have probably heard the term Big Data. What does that mean anyway? Today I'm joined by Alastair Woolcock (@AlastairKW), to talk about Data Science. We uncover the science of data analytics and how data is unlocking market changing insights at all levels of business. Whether you're a small business trying to understand social media and it's influence on your marketing efforts, or an enterprise organization trying to understand client behavior, data can be a powerful tool. There is a growing industry of data science that is trying to use the power of hypothesis to mine for insights in the mountains of data that our modern businesses produce. 



ERP014 - Digital Marketing w/ Continuum

Continuum has a strong and diverse marketing approach that is geared toward the digital age.  Some of the topics we cover are social media, content marketing, and how to noticed amid the noise of the internet. This episode will give you some actionable advice on how to mature your digital marketing strategy to drive your success.

Nate Teplow & Joe Tavano are senior members of the Continuum marketing team. If you're in IT, be sure to check out their podcast MSP Radio and loads more content at the Continuum web page.

ERP004 - Advertising & Speeches w/ Marc Stoiber


Marc Stoiber is on a mission to make speeches and presentations interesting and engaging. Marc has a rich history in advertising and has won numerous awards for his work with all sorts of brands including local brands as well as huge multi-national ones. We talk about the evolution of marketing and advertising in the digital age and why TED-style speeches have become such a pop-culture phenomenon.