ERP019 - Futurism - Artificial Intelligence

Image by  Michael Cordedda

This episode of the podcast is a bit of an experiment. This is a break from the typical format of conversations with experts and thought leaders. This episode is a long form conversation between myself and Rachel Gertz. Rachel appeared in episode 9 to chat about her experience in the project management field. In that episode, we went off on a couple of fun tangents on futurism. So we decided to get together again and discuss of those tangents in more depth. So I hope you enjoy our exploration of AI and the future implications to humanity. This is intended to be thought-provoking, yet light-hearted approach to a fascinating topic.

ERP011 - Drones w/ Alex Dow

Alex is a cyber security expert professionally but also has a deep passion for drone technology. His passion led him through a hobby interest in flying drones, to building and racing drones. He now helps organize a regional drone racing league in Vancouver. In the conversation, we chat about the growing sport of drone racing, some of the safety concerns around drones, the development of flying AI, and a few of the numerous commercial applications for drone tech. Lots of people are familiar with drone tech, but few appreciate how dramatically this tech will weave its way into our daily lives.