ERP020 - VR and AR w/ Dr. Ray

Dr. Ray Hsu (@TheWayofRay) professor at UBC. He is both the founder of the VR/AR working group and faculty in residence at the emerging media lab, conducting research on the immersive technology. When most people think of VR they think of video games. Like many of us, Dr.Ray sees the value of VR in the gaming field, but his vision for its impact goes far beyond that. In particular, I wanted to talk to Dr.Ray about his view on how VR/AR will influence education.

ERP018 - AR and Mixed Reality w/ Miguel Sanchez


My guest today is Miguel Sanchez @MSanchezWorld with Mass Ideation. I think that augmented reality and mixed reality are going to have a massive influence on how brands market their ideas and products. Why simply have a glossy photo with some cool print, when you can have a mini-movie built into your advertisement. Miguel's company is leading the way in the industry helping companies use leading-edge technologies to create a more memorable and engaging experience in their marketing work. This market is evolving fast with all the big names getting behind AR after the success of Pokemon GO. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Miguel.

Miguel's Bio

Miguel Sanchez is the Founder and Creative Director of Mass Ideation, a Bronx, NY-based Media & Technology Agency specializing in Strategy, Design,  and Emerging Technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality. Prior to creating Mass Ideation, Miguel spent 8 years in the New York digital ad world creating animated and interactive experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world. In 2009 he founded Mass Ideation, where he took his experience and led teams to create campaigns for brands like Pepsi, & IHOP to name a few. Viewing augmented & virtual reality as an emerging technology with vast room for growth, he created ARnews.tv to chronicle and promote the best practices and examples of companies using the technology. Realizing there was a dire need for minorities to see technology as a viable career path he moved his business to the Bronx in 2012 and began partnering with non-profits, to teach technology to disconnected youth. 

ERP010 - Virtual Reality w/ Robert Merki


Robert Merki is Director of Product at CognitiveVR. He started exploring web development at the age of 10 and continued building technology products all throughout his youth. After working at a variety of technology startups, Robert joined cognitiveVR to head up product development. CognitiveVR is a virtual reality analytics company based out of Vancouver BC. The company’s analytics platform helps their customers overcome the complexity of VR to bring them deep insights into how their users are interacting with their products. With the advent of VR, analytics becomes a vital way VR experience creators hone and optimize their narratives, games, and tools.