ERP021 - Education w/ Dr. Ray

Doctor Ray Hsu (@thewayofray) is back for round two of our discussion. In the previous podcast Dr. Ray and I touched on the fact that education hasn't evolved to keep pace with the modern world. In this second discussion, Dr. Ray and I explore this idea. How the incentive structures of modern education are misaligned. Also how commercial interests could be better facilitated by education while providing a better experience for students.

ERP020 - VR and AR w/ Dr. Ray

Dr. Ray Hsu (@TheWayofRay) professor at UBC. He is both the founder of the VR/AR working group and faculty in residence at the emerging media lab, conducting research on the immersive technology. When most people think of VR they think of video games. Like many of us, Dr.Ray sees the value of VR in the gaming field, but his vision for its impact goes far beyond that. In particular, I wanted to talk to Dr.Ray about his view on how VR/AR will influence education.