ERP028 - Kanban for Connectwise with Wim Kerkhoff


Anyone who has worked in software development or project management is familiar with a Kanban.

Kanban is a work management methodology where work is represented by cards or stickies that progress through stages in order to manage the flow of work through a system. This method was popularized out of the lean production system championed by Toyota. Today it's probably most recognized in the agile software development method.

Wim saw the power of this system when he used it in the software development side of his business. He wanted to carry the same principles to his other business, which is an IT managed service company. His team developed Kanaban for Connectwise to bring the power of lean and the kanban system to IT management.

Since Kanban for Connectwise is a visual tool, here are some links to give you a sense of what the system looks like.

Video – Visualizing ConnectWise Sales Pipeline using Kanban

Video – Huddle friendly Kanban interface

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The Books mentioned:

The Phoenix Project on Amazon

ERP017 - RMM & PSA w/ Bill Stucklen


My guest today is Bill Stucklen, CEO of Stack Advisors. Bill and I discuss a specific portion of the Managed IT space. Stack Advisors is a company that provides expertise to MSPs using Labtech and Connectwise. The reason I was interested in having Bill on to chat was that it seems counter-intuitive that an IT company would outsource its internal systems management to a third party, but it makes a ton of sense for many MSPs.


Bill has over 20 years of experience as an IT executive, leading and mentoring a diverse range of technology professionals, from help desk personnel to system administrators.  He is seasoned in building technology teams, establishing technical policy, and managing large-scale technology projects. He is a co-founder and the CEO of Stack Advisors, a consultancy for MSPs, IT service providers and ISVs. He has assembled a team of MSP industry experts at Stack Advisors to provide strategic planning, consulting and expert integrations with a large focus on the ConnectWise Business Suite of tools.