ERP022 - Blockchain Update w/ Alex Sterk

Alex Sterk returns to give us an update on what is happening in the blockchain industry. It's been a busy year for the maturity of the industry. Lots of news and changes surrounding bitcoin and Ethereum. We talk about the growth of altcoins, the forking in both bitcoin and Ethereum. Alex tells us about his Ethereum project called UBIQ. Finally, Alex also gives his thoughts on how segregated witness (segwit) could bring lots of new functionality to bitcoin and lower transaction rates. 


Alex is the co-founder of UBIQ and the host of Block Talk, a block chain talk show on youtube, which interviews developers and other blockchain industry notables. 


ERP006 - Blockchain Industry w/ Lisa Cheng of Vanbex


Vanbex is a group that specializes in strategy, marketing, and operations consulting for blockchain companies. Lisa has a relatively long history with blockchain tech having worked with companies like Mastercoin, Ethereum, Factom, and Tendermint. Lisa is a strong believer in the future of the blockchain and its power to evolve countless aspects of not just finance, but all businesses. We chat about the politics of bitcoin, the fast evolution of the blockchain markets, and hurdles still in place before the mainstream adoption of blockchain currencies.

ERP003 - Blockchain Industry w/ Alex Sterk of Blocktalk

Alex Sterk is passionate about all things blockchain. For the past year, Alex has been interviewing members of the blockchain and fintech space on his podcast Blocktalk. Alex and I talk about the power of the blockchain, some of the cool projects he's come across in his interviews and what the future may hold for this technology.